Consulting Producer

Kori RushtonKori Rushton is currently the Artistic Director of IRT Theater.  IRT is a grassroots theater development laboratory providing space, support and community for independent artists.  She founded the critically acclaimed IRT 3B Development Series which has helped develop theatrical work by Reggie Watts, Young Jean Lee, Mike Daisey, Tommy Smith, May Adrales and many others. In 2005, she was the Producing Director of The Production Company, which exchanged challenging new theatrical work between Australia and the United States.  As Consulting Producer to New York Live Arts/Live Ideas on AWAKENINGS: A Kind of Alaska she assisted in the implementation of the Deaf elements both during performances and addressing issues of accessibility throughout the festival. She is forever indebted to her Uncle Ira for sharing Deaf World with her. Kori received her BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and received her Masters of Educational Theater from City College of NY.

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