Disembodiedness: Body Image and Proprioception

Disembodiedness: Body Image and Proprioception – Wednesday April 17th  3-4:15pm

liveideas_web - Version 3Featuring: Ian Waterman, Dr. Jonathan Cole, Marsha Ivins
One day, in the wake of a virulent viral infection, 19-year-old Englishman Ian Waterman suddenly lost his proprioception—which is to say any sense of the relative position of parts of the body. And yet, assisted by Sacks’ student Dr. Jonathan Cole, Waterman would come to achieve a remarkable accommodation to his condition. Waterman and Cole will be joined by Sacks longtime friend astronaut Marsha Ivins, to discuss bodily awareness, both in and out of gravity.  Purchase tickets for this specific event: here

Open Captioned

Open Captioned

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