RE: Awakening Theater

RE:Awakening Theater – Sunday April 21st – 3:30-5:30pm
liveideas_web - Version 4Featuring: Two versions of Pinter’s A Kind of Alaska, Kim Weild, Karen Kohlhaas, Larry Bryggman, Lisa Emery, Rebecca Henderson, Lewis Merkin, Terrylene Sacchetti, Alexandria Wailes

“Something is happening.” With these words, Harold Pinter evokes the quickening back to life of a bedbound older woman, to the astonishment of her attending physician. New York Live Arts will present Pinter’s one-act play A Kind of Alaska twice: once in a spoken version, directed by Karen Kohlhaas, and then in a version rendered entirely in American Sign Language, directed by Kim Weild (in celebration of Sacks’ special standing among the Deaf community).
This performance also features Re:Awakenings, a Bill Morrison film based on original footage taken by Oliver Sacks.

Purchase tickets to this specific event: here

ASL Interpreted

ASL Interpreted

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