The Deaf Community

The Deaf Community – Sunday April 21- 12-1:15
liveideas_web - Version 5Featuring: Aaron Kubey, Terrylene Sacchetti, Lewis Merkin and Teresa Curtin.  In March 1988 students at Gallaudet University in Washington DC, the country’s premiere institution for the Deaf, rose up in revolt at perceived threats to the primacy of American Sign Language as the distinct expression of their culture and community. Sacks traveled to Gallaudet to witness the tumultuous events and subsequently chronicled them with remarkable sympathy and insight in his book Seeing Voices. This panel is assembled by  by Kim Wield, the director of our staging of the Sign version of A Kind of Alaska and moderated by Janice Rimler.  It will focus on Sacks’ contributions to the wider discourse between the hearing and the Deaf through his book Seeing Voices.

Tickets are Free for the panel discussion (but reservation required).  Click here to Reserve tickets FOR THE PANEL DISCUSSION ONLY

ASL Interpreted

ASL Interpreted

Open Captioned

Open Captioned

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