Assistant Director

Marlee KoenigsbergMarlee Faye Koenigsberg is a theatre artist as well as collage artist with a passion for heightened visual story-telling.  She has proudly interned with the Lark Play Development Center, trained as a Directing Apprentice at Powerhouse: New York Stage and Film.
Marlee is honored work on this groundbreaking piece with Kim Weild and NYLive Arts/Live Ideas.   Currently, Marlee is Associate Artistic Director of Gia Forakis & Co. where she worked on the “Greek-Noir” Salon Season 2012 (Medea, Antigone and Oedipus Rex). NYC Credits Include: Alessandra Drapos’ new play, Tea with Vivien Leigh for the Estrogenious Sola Voce Festival, Antigone/Progeny (Assitant Director to Greg Taubman, Extant Arts), and Missy Mazzoli’s Song From The Uproar (Assistant Director to Gia Forakis, Beth Morrison Productions).  She earned a B.F.A in Acting from Adelphi University.  Marlee dedicates her work on this production to her father, Richard, who continues to teach her what it means to communicate & overcome life’s’ obstacles.

1 thought on “Assistant Director

  1. Hey Marlee– your drive and dedication to the art of theater inspires me. Wishing you all the best in this production and many, many more. with love, Aunt Cathy

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